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Agnès Aknin Erovic

Maître Agnès Aknin Erovic - Avocat à la Cour - Paris


Agnès Aknin Erovic is a lawyer specialised in social law and was called to the Paris Bar in 2009.

She holds a Master 2 degree in Business Litigation from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Before joining Qualiens in November 2018, as a partner, Agnès worked for nearly 9 years in the Employment Law Department of Jeantet.

With her skills and experience acquired throughout her career, Agnès specialises in advising French and foreign companies on their individual and collective labour relations.

She mainly assists companies in hiring, day-to-day management of employees, termination of employment contracts, and the drafting and implementation of collective agreements.

Agnès also advises foreign companies on setting up in France and harmonising their group policies, codes of conduct, whistleblowing policies and the management of their employees' personal data.

In addition, Agnès assists and advises senior executives with negotiating or challenging their departure.

The scope of her intervention notably includes :
  • Individual and collective relations with employees,
  • Implementation of dismissal procedures and contractual terminations,
  • Drafting of company-level agreements,
  • Establishment and management of relationships with employee representatives,
  • Working hours,
  • Pre-litigation and individual and collective litigation before civil and administrative courts,
  • Corporate restructuring,
  • Legal modification of the company, disposal of the company,
  • Disciplinary powers of the employer,
  • Audit of a company's situation,
  • exchanges with the various administrative authorities (Labour Inspectorate, Direccte [Regional Authority of Businesses, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment] etc...).

Contact : agnes.akninerovic@qualiens-avocats.com